Soil Science 10, Soils in Our Environment


The global ecosystem; soils as natural bodies formed by interactive environmental processes; soil response to use and management; conservation practices for sustainanble use of soil resources; role of soils incurrent agricultural and environmental issues.

Soils Science 105, Field studies of Soils in California


Study of soils in the field throughout California. Emphasis on identification, description and classification of soils; relation of soils to geology, vegation, climate and human activities; role of soils in land use and as components of California ecosystems.

Soils Science/Ecology 219, Ecosystem Biogeochemistry


Multidisciplinary analysis of energy and nutrient transfers whithin terrestrial ecosystems. Examination of processes and inter-and intra-system interactions in the atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere. Laboratory section uses biogeochemical simulation models to examine case studies.

Sicence and Society 9, Crisis in the Evironment


Explores contemporary environmental issues by examining the causes, effects and solutions to a wide range of environmental problems facing the global ecosystem. Integrated discussion of political, societal and economic impact linkages with environmental problems.